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Shopping (топик на английском)


Все топики.

"О себе" - все топики.


Shopping means going to some place to buy things. For some people this is a hobby. They go shopping in their free time. Some people go shopping on weekdays to buy food.
My family and I do the shopping at weekends. My family is not very big, but my parents work hard and they have no time to go to buy things during a week. On Sunday we usually go to a large supermarket and buy food for the whole week. I don't like going there, because there are usually many people. This supermarket has a lot of departments: a food department, a grocer's, a butcher's, a fishmonger's and even a chemist's department.
Sometimes my mother goes to the cosmetics department while my father and my brother goto the pet shop, which is situated there.
There are a lot of shops in Moscow. Some of them are expensive, others are cheap and you have a choice. I don't understand those people who go to some specialized shops to buy things of a certain brand. Such things are rather expensive. I prefer going to a market and buy clothes there.
I prefer doing the shopping alone when I need clothes or books. My favourite bookshop is in the centre of Moscow. I can spend hours there looking at different books and choosing the most interesting ones to read. My brother hates shopping. Our parents buy clothes for him and he is not against it. I also like to go shopping when I need to buy presents for my family or friends. Sometimes my friend helps me choose presents. She is a very nice girl with a good taste and she knows what things are good. Sometimes I have to go to the baker's to buy bread and to a dairy shop to buy milk or sour cream.
In my childhood I liked to do the shopping because I felt grown-up, but now I see that this process is quite boring. And I don't like shopping without any need.

baker's ['beikaz] булочная
be against быть против
brand [brand] марка (одежды, продукта)
butcher's ['butjbz] мясник
certain ['s3:t(3)n] определенный
cheap [tjip] дешевый
chemist's ['kemists] аптека
cosmetics [kttz'metiks] косметика
dairy ['dean] молочный магазин
fishmonger's ['fijrrrorjgaz] рыбный магазин
grocer's ['grausaz] бакалея
hate [heit] ненавидеть
mean [mi:n] означать
need [ni:d] нужда
pet shop ['petjbp] зоомагазин
taste [teist] вкус

1. What does shopping mean?
2. When does your family go shopping?
3. Do you like to do the shopping?
4. When do you do the shopping?
5. What shops do you usually go to if you need anything?
6. Did you go shopping in your childhood?




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