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My Friends (топик на английском)  


Все топики.

"О себе" - все топики.


It is important to have friends. I have a lot of them. But my best friend is my classmate Denis. He is fourteen. He is a tall boy with an oval face and brown eyes. His hair is short and brown. Denis lives not far from my house. We usually go for a walk, play computer games and do our homework together. I really like spending my time with him. Denis is a very good pupil. Sometimes he helps me with this or that subject.
Denis loves sport. His favourite winter sport is skiing. At weekends we go to a nearby park and ski together. In summer we cycle and go rollerblading in the park. Sometimes he goes with my family to our country house and we swim in the river and pick up mushrooms and berries in the forest.
I have other friends, too. Katya is not my classmate, she is older. She studies in the 10th form. She likes plants and has a big collection of violets at home. She wants to be a biologist and she knows many interesting things about flowers and plants. Playing the piano is Katya's other hobby. She plays very well. Her parents want her to be a musician, but she doesn't want it. Sometimes I go to her place and listen to her playing.
All of us like computer games. We play together online and have fun. I think that my friends are very nice and I am glad to have them.


classmate ['kla:smeit] одноклассник
cycle [saikl] кататься на велосипеде
nearby ['niabai] близлежащий
oval ['auvl] овальный
plant [pla:nt] растение
rollerblade ['robbleid] кататься на роликах
violet [Vaialit] фиалка


1. Is it important to have friends?
2. Do you have many friends?
3. Do you have the best friend? What can you say about him/ her?
4. What do you usually do when you meet with your friends?




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