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Grammar for business. McCarthy M., McCarten J. and etc.

Cambridge: 2012, 267 p.  

Essential grammar reference and practice for anyone using English in a business context. Grammar for Business is a must-have for business students and anyone using English in the workplace. Suitable for intermediate to upper-intermediate level, it provides clear explanations and authentic practice of the most essential language used in business English. Designed to help you improve your communication skills in real business situations, it includes a unique focus on spoken as well as written grammar, and practical tips on areas such as organising presentations, negotiating and giving your opinion. Includes a special focus on speaking strategies to make you a more confident and effective communicator. 'Make it personal' sections encourage you to apply what you have learnt to your own personal experience. Based on a corpus of real written and spoken business English to ensure you learnt language as it's really used. Regular tests to help you check your progress. Includes answer key with explanations and full recording scripts. Ideal for classroom use and self-study.



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Unit Title Extension Page
1 Imperative and present simple Write for business: Checking your work 8
2 Present continuous Business talk: Present continuous + always 12
3 Present simple and continuous Business talk: State verbs 16
4 Present perfect simple and Write for business: Using the present perfect in the news 20 continuous
Speaking strategies 1 Discussing 24
Test 1: Units 1-4 26
5 Past simple and continuous Business talk: Using past tenses to be polite 28
6 Present perfect and the past Business talk: Using continuous forms to give background 32
7 Past perfect simple and continuous Business talk: Regrets and intentions 36
8 Used to and would Business talk: be/get used to 40
Speaking strategies 2 Managing conversations 44
Test 2: Units 5-8 46
9 The future 1 {be going to, present Business talk: Organising presentations and workshops 1 48 continuous)
10 The future 2 {will, shall, the present Business talk: Organising presentations and workshops 2 52 tense)
11 Future continuous and future perfect Business talk: Using the future continuous to be polite 56
12 Other ways of talking about the Business talk: Future time expressions 60 future
Speaking strategies 3 Emphasising and softening 64
Test 3: Units 9-12 66
13 Modals 1 (talking about possibility and Write for business: Alternatives to modal verbs 68
ability, asking, offering and giving
14 Modals 2 (making suggestions and Business talk: Other ways of making informal suggestions 72 giving advice)
15 Modals 3 (saying what people have Business talk: Changing the force of instructions 76 to do)
16 Modals 4 (speculating and saying Business talk: Responding to other people 80 how certain you are)
Speaking strategies 4 Simple spoken grammar 84
Test 4: Units 13-16 86
17 Conditionals 1 (talking about the Business talk: Negotiating 88 present and future)
18 Conditionals 2 (talking about the Business talk: More hypothetical conditionals 92 hypothetical present and past)
19 The passive 1 (forming and using the Write for business: Using the passive in business 96 passive) correspondence
20 The passive 2 (modal verbs, Write for business: Using expressions with modal passives 100 two-object verbs, have and get) in reports
Speaking strategies 5 Making your meaning clear and avoiding misunderstandings 104
Test 5: Units 17-20 106
21 Questions Business talk: Persuading and giving opinions with 108
negative questions
22 Question tags Business talk: Question tags for checking information 112
23 Reported speech 1 (statements Business talk: Talking about news 116 and instructions)
24 Reported speech 2 (questions) Write for business: Making polite requests in business 120
Speaking strategies 6 Checking information 124
Test 6: Units 21-24 126
25 Verbs and objects Business talk: Typical business uses of verbs and objects 128
26 -ing and infinitives after verbs Write for business: Giving reasons and views "132
27 Phrasal verbs Business talk: Phrasal verbs with get 136
28 Prepositions Business talk: Describing change 140

Speaking strategies 7 Organising what you say and highlighting information 144

Test 7: Units 25-28 146
29 Adjectives Write for business: Describing your products and services 148
30 Adverbs Business talk: Giving your personal perspective 152
31 Comparisons 1 (comparatives, as ... as) Business talk: Modifying comparisons 156
32 Comparisons 2 (superlatives, Write for business: Using most in formal correspondence 160
comparing with verbs)
Speaking strategies 8 Being an active listener 164
Test 8: Units 29-32 166
33 Countability and number Write for business: Checking verbs after singular and plural 168
34 Articles Write for business: Not using the 172
35 Quantifiers Write for business: Levels of formality 176
36 Possessives and reflexive pronouns Write for business: Possessive noun phrases with of 180
Speaking strategies 9 Vague language 1 184
Test 9: Units 33-36 186
37 Relative clauses 1 {who, whose, Business talk: Commenting on what people say 188 which, that)
38 Relative clauses 2 {whom, where, Write for business: Writing about quantity 192 when, -ing, -ed)
39 Conjunctions and linking words 1 Write for business: Linking ideas in formal reports 196
40 Conjunctions and linking words 2 Business talk: Reasons, results and consequences 200
Speaking strategies 10 Vague language 2 204
Test 10: Units 37-40 206
Key 208
Recording script 235
Appendix 1 Spelling 246
Appendix 2 Common prefixes and suffixes 248
Appendix 3 North American English 250
Appendix 4 Formal and informal English 253
Appendix 5 Irregular verbs 256
Appendix 6 Verb patterns 258
Appendix 7 Prepositions 260
Appendix 8 Saying numbers, weights and measures 264
CD tracklist 267


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