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Grammar in Use. Intermediate. Workbook. Smalzer William, Murphy Raymond.

Cambridge, 2005. — 188 pages.

The Grammar in Use series for students of North American English is well known for its simple, clear explanations and innovative format. The Grammar in Use Intermediate Workbook provides students with further opportunities to practice difficult grammar points and consolidate their understanding of closely related units in Grammar in Use Intermediate. It offers a wide range of challenging activities, including many that present grammar structures in meaningful contexts. It also includes review sections for each group of units in the Student's Book.



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См. также: Grammar in Use. Intermediate. Murphy Raymond, Smalzer William. (2009, 3-ed, 380с.) (+ Audio)


To the Student iv
To the Teacher vi
Present and Past
Exercises 1-8 2
Review Exercises 9-10 10
Present Perfect and Past
Exercises 11-20 12
Review Exercises 21-22 22
Exercises 23-30 24
Review Exercise 31 33
Exercises 32-45 34
Review Exercises 46-47 48
Conditionals and "Wish"
Exercises 48-52 50
Review Exercise 53 57
Exercises 54-58 58
Review Exercise 59 63
Reported Speech
Exercises 60-62 64
Review Exercise 63 67
Questions and Auxilary Verbs
Exercises 64-71 68
Review Exercise 72 77
-ing and the Infinitive
Exercises 73-86 78
Review Exercises 87-89 94
Articles and Nouns
Exercises 90-96 98
Review Exercises 97-99 105
Pronouns and Determiners
Exercises 100-110 108
Review Exercise 111 119
Relative Clauses
Exercises 112-116 120
Review Exercise 117 127
Adjectives and Adverbs
Exercises 118-131 128
Review Exercises 132 - 135 142
Conjunctions and Prepositions
Exercises 136-140 146
Review Exercise 141 151
Exercises 142-154 152
Review Exercises 155 - 156 165
Answer Key 167

Grammar in Use Intermediate Workbook provides you with additional practice in North American English grammar, building on the grammar points presented and practiced in the Grammar in Use Intermediate student's book. It offers additional exercises on difficult grammar points and a variety of exercise types. The workbook will be useful in helping you apply what you have already learned in the student's book.
The workbook covers the same grammar points as the student's book and in the same order. The types of exercises in the workbook are often different from those in the student's book, however. This way you can apply what you have learned in a slightly different way. The exercises in this workbook will also help you understand how the grammar points in one unit of the student's book are related to the grammar in other units.
You may be called on to use several different grammar structures in one exercise.
In general, workbook exercises will require you to read longer passages and write longer responses than the exercises in the student's book. In some exercises, you will rewrite whole sentences using different grammar forms but keeping the same meaning. In other exercises, you will read paragraphs and fill in blanks with correct forms, or answer questions that call on your understanding of grammar. In review exercises, you will have the chance to use your own ideas to complete or rewrite sentences.

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