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Essential Grammar in Use. Supplementary Exercises. Naylor Helen, Murphy Raymond.


Cambridge, 2007. — 2nd edition. — 128 pages.

This book is for elementary (and lower intermediate) students who want extra practice in grammar. It covers most of the grammar areas in Essential Grammar in Use. You can use it without a teacher. There are 185 exercises in this new edition. Each exercise relates to a particular part of Essential Grammar in Use: Third Edition. You can find the Essential Grammar in Use unit numbers in the top right-hand corner of each page. You can use this book if you don't have Essential Grammar in Use because all the answers, with lots of alternatives, are given in the Key (pages 112-127). But if you want an explanation of the grammar points, you'll need to check in Essential Grammar in Use. The grammar points covered in this book are not in order of difficulty, so you can go straight to the parts where you need most practice. But where there are several exercises on one grammar point, you will find that the easier ones come first. So, it is a good idea to follow the exercise order in each section. Many of the exercises are in the form of letters, conversations or short articles. You can use these as models for writing or speaking practice.



Format: pdf       ( 2-ed, 2007, 128 с.)

Size:  33,8 Mb

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Format: pdf       ( 1-ed, 2001, 110 с.)

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См. также:   Essential Grammar in Use.  Murphy Raymond (4th ed., 2015, 319с.) (+Audio)


To the student v
To the teacher v
Exercises Page
1-5 am/is/are 6
6-9 I am doing (present continuous)
10-14 I do/work/like 11
(present simple)
15-19 I am doing and I do 14
(present continuous and present simple)
20-21 have got 17
22-29 was/were and I worked/got/went 18
30-32 I was doing and I did 22
(past continuous and past simple)
33-35 I do / I am doing and I did /1 was doing 25
(present and past, simple and continuous)
36-39 I have done 28
(present perfect)
40-43 How long have you ... ? 31
(present perfect questions)
44-49 I have done and I did 33
(present perfect and past simple)
50-52 I do / I have done /1 did 37
(present, present perfect and past)
53-57 is done / was done and is being done / has been done 39
58-60 be/have/do and regular/irregular verbs 42
(verb forms)
61-63 What are you doing tomorrow? 44
(the future: present tenses)
64-66 I'm going to do 46
67-70 will/shall 48
71-74 I am doing / I am going to do / I'll do 51
(future forms)
75-76 might 53
77-80 can and could 54
81-82 must mustn't don't need to 56
83-85 should 57
86-87 I have to 58
88-90 Do this! Don't do that! Let's do this! 59
91-92 I used to 61
93-94 there and it 63
95-99 I do do you? so do I I don't 64
(auxiliary verbs)
100-105 is it...? have you...? do they ... ? 67
106-109 Do you know where ... ? 71
110-111 She said that ... He told me that ...
(reported speech) 73
112-118 doing do to do 75
119-120 do make have 78
121-125 I me my mine myself 79
(pronouns and possessives)
126-128 Kate's camera 81
129-132 a/an and some
(singular and plural) 82
133-136 a/an and the 84
137-141 some any no none 86
142-143 someone anything nowhere 88
144-145 every and all 89
146-147 all most some any no none 90
148-149 both either neither 91
150-152 a lot / much / many (a) little / (a) few 92
153-154 old / nice / interesting quickly / badly / suddenly 94
(adjectives and adverbs)
155-159 older (than) the oldest not as old as 95
(comparatives and superlatives)
160-164 enough and too 98
165-166 word order 100
167-168 and but or so because when... 101
169-171 if we go and if we went 102
172-174 a person (who) ... a thing (that/which) ... 103
(relative clauses)
175-177 at until before 105
(prepositions of time)
178-180 in under through 107
(prepositions of place and movement)
181-183 good at (doing) listen to 109
(prepositions before and after verbs)
1 84-1 85 go in, fall off, run away 111
(phrasal verbs)
Key 112
Thanks 128

Essential Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises offers extra practice of most of the grammar covered in Essential Grammar in Use: Third Edition. Much of the language is contextualised within dialogues, letters, articles, etc., encouraging students to consider meaning as well as form. This book can be used as self-study material or as a basis for further practice in class or as homework. It is designed for students who have already worked through the exercises in Essential Grammar in Use (or elsewhere), but who need more, or more challenging, practice. It is particularly useful for revision work.


О том, как читать книги в форматах pdf, djvu - см. раздел "Программы; архиваторы; форматы pdf, djvu и др."






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