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Английский язык

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English Pronunciation in Use - IntermediateMark Hancock

Self-study and classroom use.

Cambridge University Press, 2003.  - 200 с. + Audio 4CD

English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book for learners of intermediate level and above and can be used by individual learners working alone, or in class. The book focuses on pronunciation for listening as well as speaking and includes both receptive and productive practice. There are 60 easy-to use units with key pronunciation points presented on the left-hand page with a range of exercises on the facing right-hand page. All units are supported with audio material which is available in cassette or CD format. The audio material uses a clear model of a standard British accent for presentation and repetition exercises. In receptive exercises different accents used to give learners the opportunity to listen to a range of English accents. There is a useful reference section including phonemic symbols and sound pairs, a self-diagnostic test, a guide for speakers of specific languages and glossary.



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To the student 5
To the teacher 7
Map of contents described in phonological terms 9
Section A Letters and sounds
1 Bye, buy Introducing letters and sounds 10
2 Plane, plan /ei/,/ae/ 12
3 Back, pack /b/,/p/ 14
4 Rice, rise /s/,/z/ 16
5 Down town /d/t/ 18
6 Meet, met /i:/e/ 20
7 Carrot, cabbage /e, /i/ 22
8 Few, view /f/,/v/ 24
9 Gate, Kate /g/,/k/ 26
10 Hear, we're, year /h/, /w/, /j/ 28
11 Wine, win /ai/,/i/ 30
12 Sheep, /eep, cheap /J/, /dy, Л// 32
13 Flies, fries /l/,/r/ 34
14 Car, care /а:(г)/, /еэ(г)/ 36
15 Some, sun, sung /m/, /n/, /n/ 38
16 Note, not /эи/,/о/ 40
17 Arthur's mother / /, / / 42
18 Sun, full June IfJJoiJniI 44
19 Shirt, short /з:(г)/, /э:(г)/ 46
20 Toy, town /oi/,/au/ 48
Section В Syllables, words and sentences
21 Eye, my, mine Introducing syllables 50
22 Saturday September 13th Introducing word stress 52
23 Remember, he told her Introducing sentence stress 54
24 Oh, no snow! Consonants at the start of" syllables 56
25 Go - goal - gold Consonants at the end of syllables 58
26 Paul's calls, Max's faxes Syllables: plural and other -s endings 60
27 Pete played, Rita rested Syllables: adding past tense endings 62
Word stress
28 REcord, reCORD Stress in two-syllable words 64
29 Second hand, bookshop Stress in compound words 66
30 Unforgettable Stress in longer words 1 68
31 Public, publicity Stress in longer words 2 70
Sentence stress
32 DON'T LOOK NOW! Sentences with all the words stressed 72
33 THAT could be the MAN Unstressed words 74
34 I'll ASK her (Alaska) Pronouns and contractions 76
35 She was FIRST Pronouncing the verb be 78
36 WHAT do you THINK? Auxiliary verbs 80
37 A PIECE of CHEESE Pronouncing short words (д, о/, or) 82
38 Pets enter, pet centre Joining words 1 84
39 After eight, after rate Joining words 2 86
40 Greet guests, Greek guests Joining words 3 88
Section С Conversation
41 Could you say that again? Understanding conversation 90
42 'Was that the question?' he asked. Reading aloud: pronouncing punctuation* 92
43 A shirt and a tie la shirt and tie Grouping words 94
44 Ehm ... Showing that you want to continue 96
45 Well, anyway ... Telling a story 98
46 I mean, its sort of like ... Understanding small talk 100
47 Right, OK... Understanding instructions 102
48 'Like father like son' as they say Quoting speech 104
49 He will win Introduction to emphatic stress 106
50 Schwartz ... Pedro Schwartz Emphasising added details 108
51 I think you're in mx seat Emphasising important words 110
52 Chips or salad? Emphasising contrasting alternatives 112
53 Fifty? No, fifteen! Emphasising corrections 114
54 Look who's talking! Introducing tones 116
5 5 Here? Yes, here! Asking and checking tones 118
56 Where were you born? Tones in asking for information 120
57 We're closed tomorrow Tones in new and old information 122
58 Oh, really? Continuing or finishing tones 124
59 It's fun, isn't it? Agreeing and disagreeing tones 126
60 It was brilliant! High tones 128
Section D Reference
D1 Introduction to phonemic symbols 130
D2 Pronunciation test 137
D3 Guide for speakers of specific languages 141
D4 Sound pairs 144
D5 Sentence stress phrasebook 161
D6 Glossary 162
Key 166
Acknowledgements 200


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