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Английский язык

1. Начальная школа

2. Средняя школа

3. ОГЭ - английский язык

4. ЕГЭ - английский язык

5. Топики по английскому языку

6. ГДЗ по английскому языку

7. Английский для детей

8. Учебные пособия, самоучители

9. Учебные пособия (на англ. языке)

10. Учебные сайты

Listening Extra.  Miles Craven

A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities.

Cambridge University Press - 2004. - 136 с. (Cambridge Copy Collection)  Book + 2 Audio CD

This book provides original and stimulating listening practice across a range of levels and topics. Activities are designed around authentic scenarios and help develop specific listening skills, such as listening for details, identifying emotions or listening for opinions. The recordings expose students to a variety of native and non-native accents and cover a range of genres from radio and television to academic lectures, presentations and conversational dialogues.

Listening Extra contains a bank of imaginative photocopiable materials designed for young adults (16+) and adults. There are over 50 easy-to-prepare activities at elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate level.
• Contains photocopiable activities with clear, step-by-step instructions that provide instant supplementary speaking lessons for busy teachers.
• Provides material for students of all levels, from elementary to upper-intermediate, making it an excellent resource for every staffroom.
• Is organised around carefully selected topics that can be easily slotted into any lesson.
• Engages and motivates students with meaningful tasks in realistic contexts.
• Encourages students to practise a range of speaking skills including negotiating, persuading, expressing opinion and requesting information.
• Integrates other skill areas while practising a key speaking skill.
This lively resource book is accompanied by an audio CD to support some of the speaking activities. There are tapescripts for the audio material at the back of the resource book.

Эта книга выходит в серии Extra от Cambridge Copy Collection. Все материалы предназначены для подростков 16+ и для взрослых. Книга содержит более 50 лёгких в подготовке творческих заданий для следующих уровней: Elementary, Intermediate и Upper-Intermediate. Инструкции для преподавателя - выше всяких похвал. Отличительной особенностью серии (а в ней, кроме Listening Extra, есть ещё Reading Extra, Writing Extra и Speaking Extra) являются тщательно отобранные темы - они неизменны во всей серии. A MUST-HAVE для преподавателей английского!


Примечание: В самих книжных уроках нет текстов аудиозаписей. Подразумевается, что учитель лишь дает ученикам прослушать запись, а затем выполнить определенные задания. Но в конце книги стр.118-135 есть распечатка (Recording script) всех текстов.



Format: pdf

Size: 19,3 Mb



Audio 1 (CD-1 - 30 files; mp3):

Format: mp3 / zip

Size:  67,6 Mb



Audio 2 (CD-2 - 34 files; mp3):

Format: mp3 / zip

Size:  66,2 Mb






Все книги этой серии:

Listening Extra.  Miles Craven  (+ 2 CD )

Reading Extra.  Liz Driscoll 

Speaking Extra.  Mick Gammidge  (+ 1 CD )

Writing Extra.  Graham Palmer   

These four books can easily be used together, linking in from book to book & integrating the skills, or separately as resource books to dip into occasionally. A short intensive course could easily be based around these materials. For the new teacher the books would certainly train in procedure, variety & skills. If you haven't already got them, Resource Books of Multi-level Skill Activities should be in your staffroom

Unit 1 Personal information:

1.1 Your name, please;1.2 Nice to meet you; 1.3 What are you like;

Unit 2 The family:

2.1 This is my family; 2.2 Children change everything; 2.3 What shall we do with granddad?;

Unit 3 Daily activities:

3.1 Welcome to Language International; 3.2 A day in the life of...; 3.3 Time to refresh your soul;

Unit 4 Homes:

4.1 When can we move in?; 4.2 Celebrity house challenge; 4.3 Time for a change;

Unit 5 Town and country:

5.1 Treasure hunt; 5.2 Traffic trouble; 5.3 The Big Apple;

Unit 6 Travel and tourism:

6.1 But it says here...; 6.2 What a journey!; 6.3 The Bloody Tower;

Unit 7 Food and drink:

7.1 What's cooking?;7.2 That sounds delicious; 7.3 Eat your way to better health;

Unit 8 Describing people:

8.1 These are my friends; 8.2 Just shopping; 8.3 The changing face of beauty;

Unit 9 Describing things:

9.1 I'm looking for a...; 9.2 Wow... that's big!; 9.3 But is it art?;

Unit 10 Friends and relationships:

10.1 He's not really my type; 10.2 It's not such a bad custom; 10.3 A friend in need;

Unit 11 Health and fitness:

11.1 Welcome to Abbey Health Club; 11.2 Believe it or not; 11.3 How healthy are you?;

Unit 12 Leisure time:

12.1 Eye on the world; 12.2 You collect what?; 12.3 A night at the movies;

Unit 13 Education:

13.1 It's OK, I guess; 13.2 My first day at school; 13.3 No more school!;

Unit 14 The world of work:

14.1 Welcome to the Happy Chicken;14.2 I hate my job;14.3 It really works!;

Unit 15 Money:

15.1 It's terrible; 15.2 Sell, Sell, Sell!; 15.3 What a waste!;

Unit 16 Past experiences and stories:

16.1 Never again; 16.2 I was really scared; 16.3 A time I was happy;

Unit 17 Science and technology:

17.1 That's fast!; 17.2 Next stop... Mars?; 17.3 The car of the future;

Unit 18 Social and environmental issues:

18.1 It's about time; 18.2 Stop, thief!; 18.3 To give or not to give



CD-1 track listing
Track 1 Copyright
Track 2 1.1 Your name, please
Track 3 1.2 Nice to meet you
Track 4 1.3 What are you like (Part 1)
Track 5 1.3 What are you like (Part 2)
Track 6 2.1 This is my family (Part 1)
Track 7 2.1 This is my family (Part 2)
Track 8 2.2 Children change everything
Track 9 2.3 What shall we do with Grandad? (Part 1)
Track 10 2.3 What shall we do with Grandad? (Part 2)
Track 11 3.1 Welcome to Language International
Track 12 3.2 A day in the life of...
Track 13 3.3 Time to refresh your soul
Track 14 4.1 When can we move in?
Track 15 4.2 Celebrity house challenge
Track 16 4.3 Time for a change
Track 17 5.1 Treasure hunt
Track 18 5.2 Traffic trouble
Track 19 5.3 City tour
Track 20 6.1 Butitsays here ...
Track 21 6.2 What a journey!
Track 22 6.3 The Bloody Tower
Track 23 7.1 What's cooking?
Track 24 7.2 That sounds delicious! (Part 1)
Track 25 7.2 That sounds delicious! (Part 2)
Track 26 7.3 Eat your way to better health
Track 27 8.1 These are my friends
Track 28 8.2 Just shopping
Track 29 8.3 The changing face of beauty
Тгаск ЗО 9.1 I'm looking for a ...

CD-2 track listing
Track 1 Copyright
Track 2 9.2 Wow ... that's big!
Track 3 9.3 But is it Art?
Track4 10.1 He's not really my type (Part 1)
Track 5 10.1 He's not realty my type (Part 2)
Track 6 10.2 It's not such a bad custom
Track 7 10.3 A friend in need
Track 8 11.1 Welcome to Abbey Health Club
Track 9 11.2 Believe it or not
Track 10 11.3 How healthy are you?
Track 11 12.1 Eye on the world
Track 12 12.2 You collect what?
Track 13 12.3 A night at the movies (Part 1)
Track 14 12.3 A night at the movies (Part 2)
Track 15 13.1 It's OK, I guess
Track 16 13.2 My first day at school
Track 17 13.3 No more school (Part 1)
Track 18 13.3 No more school (Part 2)
Track 19 14.1 Welcome to the Happy Chicken!
Track 20 14.2 1 hate my job!
Track21 14.3 it really works!
Track 22 15.1 It's terrible!
Track 23 15.2 Sell, sell, sell!
Track 24 15.3 What a waste!


О том, как читать книги в форматах pdf, djvu - см. раздел "Программы; архиваторы; форматы pdf, djvu и др."






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